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ROCK WITH PURPOSE: Fountain Of Praise Rock Youth Services College Prep Program

It was a pleasure having an opportunity to speak to middle and high school students at the Fountain of Praise ROCK YOUTH Services.  The topic focused on College Prep and Purpose, which gave me an opportunity to intersect my Faith Principles with the process of College Preparation.  This is literally my happy place! This clip offers […]


Improve the Professional Experiences of Teachers: Three Steps Toward Teacher Transformation

The holiday break is over!  We are twelve days into the New Year and educators are settling back into the routine of classrooms, curriculum, tedious accountability documents, grades, parents and kids…. many of which are already counting down to Spring Break.  I’ve been there…I get it!  Though I understand the sentiments, it really is bothersome given […]


Ignite a “Purposeful” 2015

So, as many of us embark upon the routine of establishing resolutions and setting new personal goals, my focus is to also highlight the importance of being personally fulfilled for the benefit of mankind, the greater good of society and professional productivity.  This is about orchestrating a movement that promotes caring, social responsibility and servitude. […]