For Wykesha C. Hayes, her “Drive To Success” was embedded as a child as she endured the troubles of a family plagued by domestic violence. Her determination to live differently and with purpose was seamless. She was clear that if her life was not shattered by a difficult childhood, there was no obstacle, no person, no situation that would defeat her. To date, she has experienced a journey of life-altering failures and triumphs, yet with perseverance and sheer tenacity she lives without hesitation to produce a legacy worth following. With a witty sense of humor, a willingness to jump in search of success, an infectious personality, a desire to change the lives of others, a communication style that captures the masses and an unparalleled work ethic she is encouraging others to live out their destiny. Through teaching, motivating and mentoring she is helping children, women, families, educators and communities find their own success.



Since her young adult years as a college intern she has dedicated herself to addressing the educational, social and economic needs of youth and their families.

While working as a full time teacher, Wykesha Hayes desired to impact the lives of her students and their families beyond what was typical in her role as a public educator

As CEO of her own educational and enrichment firm Keey 2 Kids, she has served and motivated hundreds of Houston area students, educators and parents through her programs and speaking engagements.  She motivates and equips her audiences with tools to creating relevant educational experiences, while overcoming inevitable obstacles as a result of living life.

She intertwines messages of hope from her on personal childhood struggles with practical and theoretical approaches learned through experience and academic teachings.

Wykesha has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, a featured expert on ABC and NBC  and recently spoke at the Girls Scouts of America National Convention. Her recent client list include: the Earl and Alma Carr Foundation, B.L.A.C.K.E Student Summit, and various school districts.

She was honored as a Greater Houston Area YMCA Achiever.  In 2002 she received her B.S. degree in Psychology, her Masters in Educational Leadership in 2005 and is completing her doctoral studies at Texas A&M University.