Celebrating Title IX: Ladies We Are Powerful

It was just 40 years ago (40 years ago Friday, June 22, 2012–few days late posting nevertheless) that women earned the right to access equal educational opportunities as their male counterparts. Under Title IX, the federal civil rights mandate declared it was unconstitutional to discriminate on the basis of sex. While much has been accomplished since the declaration of this federal mandate, it is clear that women in general are still underrepresented in corporate board rooms, within math and science fields and even as student athletes. I fear that our strides are being minimized by the foolery presented on some of our most watched reality shows. Perhaps today’s celebration will initiate some reflection on where we are and what was endured in the namesake of equality.

The Title IX mandate is perhaps most known for eliminating discriminatory barriers in sports for both women and young girls. In light of continued education, we should also acknowledge that Title IX protects students from bullying and sexual harassment and requires fair treatment for pregnant and parenting students. Moreover, it also served as the catalyst for female representation in math and science fields.

As a one time student athlete (what FEELS like so long ago), I can earnestly reflect upon how impactful this mandate has been in my life. I stand alongside a number of females who have had the experience of competing across the country with the same intensity that my male teammates exhibited. I have fought in classrooms and corporate America to be respected for my intelligence and skill. So today, I reflect on the fact that some 40 years ago our voices were not as relevant and powerful as they are now.

Today, because of Title IX we can celebrate our female athletes, medical innovators, corporate gurus, community activist, valedictorians, CEO’s and more. Ladies, I challenge each of us to take responsibility for defining our own image as the backbone of our families, communities and country. I challenge us to celebrate the successes of one another and eagerly lend our shoulders for others to climb. Negate pessimism, bickering and backstabbing. Groom our younger generations to respect, appreciate and protect their greatness for on them we will one day depend. Ladies… we are powerful, we are powerful, we are powerful!

To learn more about Title IX visit http://www.titleix.info


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