Even When You Are Off…You’re ON (#REALTALK)

By no means am I interested in illuminating a picture of perfection because I do recognize that I’m far from it. Yet, there lies this innate feeling of “ON-ness” that a woman of many hats occupies. Tell me you can’t relate?

Well, let me first clarify… “ON-ness” , you ask (by my standards) is nothing more than the act of being “ON” top of everything, in every facet of your life with an uncanny or subconscious self-inflicted notion that failing to do so reduces your greatness. #realtalk

So, as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, professional, social-entrepreneur, and community advocate—I can honestly profess that for the most part of my adult life…I have been scorned to my core when the thought of failing to OWN my “ON-ness” is inevitable. There is power in owning your reality!! #realtalk

Now, be honest…most of us modern gals are born with this wonderful power to simply be “ON” …anytime, anyplace and  under any circumstance. Or at least we carry this fortunate or unfortunate burden of belief that we must do so. YOU KNOW THIS IS THE TRUTH!! #realtalk

But, as I carry the banner of experience I have earned with each year of my life…I am coming to realize that giving myself permission to be OFF only feeds the greatness that is required of me when being “ON” is mandatory. #realtalk

I have come to value those mindless, unaccounted for, unstructured, and purely un-orchestrated moments in life… for they are a pillar of strength when being “ON” is unequivocally necessary. Reminds me of that old gospel song by Helen Baylor…”If it had not been for the Lord…that was by my side…where would I be.” #heknowswhatyouneed #realtalk (>inserts> “the girlfriend Hi-Five”)

Nevertheless, the greatest gift you can give yourself as a woman… is the gift of being “OFF”.

Turn down for what? (glad you asked)…your sanity, your peace, your legacy, your husband, your kids, your job, your friends, your mentees, your social goals, (basically YOUR LIFE) and most importantly for the NEXT TIME THAT YOU MUST OWN your “ON-NESS” effortlessly.

From one busy chic to the next…Now that’s #realtalk

KEEY’s To Success

  • Take care of and listen to your body (STOP)
  • Meditate (reflect on your faith or inner power)
  • PLAN your life with PURPOSE
  • Make time for your loved ones (love and peace co-exist)
  • Embrace a hobby and ENJOY!!!

Grab your KEEY to a better you…the world is waiting on you!!


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