Happy 2011: Time To Reflect

Reflection is a gift that is given to us at birth!

Reflection is a gift that we have all been blessed with. The problem is, we seldom use it. We let the world move around us at lighting speed and attempt to make life altering decisions in the midst of this world wind. Seldom do we sit, reflect and embrace the solitude of meditation. I encourage you to carve out time and enjoy the journey.

As a result of my REFLECTION: I hope you enjoy!

2010 ends with great anticipation for what lies ahead. Yet, it also comes with deep reflection for a journey that I was so dearly blessed to travel. I’ve had a great deal of time over the past week to reflect on what was a perfect combination of triumphs and trials throughout the past year.

Yep, I can’t say that my 2010 offered the culmination of every dream being realized, every goal being reached, every debt canceled, every desired pound lost. In fact, it was laced with disappointments, wrong turns and situations that I wouldn’t wish on any human. Undoubtedly however, I am still here. It’s in my nature, to keep kicking, to keep smiling, to keep pushing and to keep influencing.

I’ve survived and I’m still moving. I’ve had the grand opportunity to meet new individuals/professionals that have in some way impacted my perspective on life. I’ve rekindled old relationships and built upon those that have been in existence for years. For that I’m truly grateful.

In 2010, my role as a mother and wife, have been defined to levels unimaginable. I’ve found my son to be more expressive, more opinionated, more aware and definitely more humorous. I’m greatly appreciative for being given the opportunity to parent such an extraordinary human and I can’t wait to see his growth during 2011. Together my husband and I have continued to overcome, accomplish, create, and enjoy. What the world has in store for us lies within the very faith that we have in our future and what we desire and deserve. WITH THAT, WATCH OUT WORLD, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

I move forward with these things in mind:
1.) love harder

2.) resolve to rest in peace more frequently

3.) remain consistent in fulfilling the destiny designed for me

4.) grow more confident in my greatness and be willing to share that with the world

5.) enjoy more frequently the blessings of family and the joy that comes with having access to them.

6.) stay focused on my vehicle and drive in my lane while celebrating the success of others

7.) don’t be afraid to create those things that I need my life

8.) focus more intensely on setting and achieving measurable goals

9.) Serve others with sincerity


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