Ignite a “Purposeful” 2015

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So, as many of us embark upon the routine of establishing resolutions and setting new personal goals, my focus is to also highlight the importance of being personally fulfilled for the benefit of mankind, the greater good of society and professional productivity.  This is about orchestrating a movement that promotes caring, social responsibility and servitude. Leaders should cultivate atmospheres and cultures that are not only driven by profitable bottomlines but the well-being of those being served and those serving. This is a great time for leaders of households, organizations, corporations and institutions to reevaluate the manner in which we operate.

This New Year brings a great opportunity to find the value in living a purpose driven life empowered by how we as individuals impact the networks that we navigate daily.  This in fact, has created a space of clarity for me and my mission.  As I continue to embark upon the process of helping my current and new clients explore opportunities to achieve exceptional outcomes, productivity and performances…I am clear that there is no reasonable chance of this occurring if each individual involved is void of value and purpose. This is a top down process!! Shifts in the way we approach our goals as individuals, as families, as organizations, institutions and corporations is imperative.

So, from unmotivated educators to struggling students to stagnant professionals desiring to become more socially conscious and service orientated…here are my top tips for shifting your 2015 approach toward becoming a more productive and purposeful change agent.

  • GET EXCITED: Refuel and reenergize by connecting to your why. Seriously, you have to find EXCITEMENT in having another opportunity and find EXCITEMENT in the process of transformation and making a difference. Attitude is everything.
  • GET CLEAR: It is absolutely imperative that you gain clarity about the values that drive you or your environments, what you want to accomplish, where you are and where you want to be in order to begin the process. The greatest dream killer is a cluttered mind and scattered thoughts. Clarity is truly an underestimated gift.
  • GET ACTIVE: Ok…here’s the deal! I’d rather you engage in the wrong activity than to engage in NO ACTIVITY.  At least then you give yourself an opportunity to make changes.  Creating a plan is ACTION… meeting with a mentor is ACTION…researching your top schools is ACTION…meeting with your employees is ACTION…scheduling a workshop is ACTION…asking for help is ACTION!!
  • GET COMMITTED: When you commit to a purpose greater than yourself, you are less likely to shiver at the first sight of defeat.  Commitment is the one attribute that derails failure completely because you NEVER QUIT.  Commit to seeing it through no matter the time frame, the journey or the necessary details.


Now watch how we create COMMUNITIES OF THRIVING INDIVIDUALS!  2015 is bound to be EXPLOSIVE.


Wykesha Hayes is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for social-entrepreneurship and education. She is a certified educator, speaker, CEO of the Keey Group, LLC and founder of Keey 4 Kommunities, inc. She is sought after to ignite transformation and exceptional functioning by providing consulting services, workshops, trainings, and curriculum design. Follow Wykesha on twitter.



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