It’s the time of year that many educators, students and parents are excited about!  Did someone say…  “SUMMER”?—Yes, and the excitement is absolutely contagious.  For so many, it is a time for rest, relaxation, recovery and hopefully reflection.  With the absence of deadlines, mandated structure, meetings and all the mundane routines of a school building– this is a perfect opportunity to self reflect for any school professional.

Nevertheless, really dedicated administrators are not only reflecting but preparing for the start of the 2015 -2016 school year.  In fact, I received a call from an administrator whose goal is to kick-off the school year with a targeted focus on “teacher motivation”.  Her desire is to infuse her staff with a renewed and vibrant energy, knowing that her students will ultimately reap the benefits.  Talking about committed and I am completely stoked to be apart of the process.

To her credit, I wholeheartedly believe that ENERGY is an overlooked factor in our professional and personal success–especially in the school environment!  Reform efforts, curriculum strategies and  protocol expectations usually take precedent over the ENERGY LEVELS of teachers and school personnel.

Let’s look at two definitions, Energy, according to one dictionary is the capacity of a physical system to perform work or vigorous activity.  Another refers to energy as the vitality and intensity of expression.

Energy in these terms is highly relevant in the process of creating a successful school culture, particularly as it relates to the energy of staff and school personnel.   In general, a successful school staff or team is comprised of motivated individuals who are excited about their work.  When the vitality and intensity of school staff is low—administrators can expect low school performance.

However, when leaders operate with the intent to inspire, motivate, and encourage positive energy, they can almost certainly rely on a team who is willing to go the extra mile.  Just as contagious as the excitement surrounding summer vacation, a leader who leads with an invigorated sense of urgency can ignite the same contagious reaction.  I refer to it as being THE ENERGY MAGNET

Here are five  ways an ENERGIZED LEADER can plan to improve the the SCHOOLS ENERGY during the 2015-2016 school year:

1.) Develop a targeted professional development program that focuses on ENERGY, MOTIVATION and STAFF MORALE.

2.) Implement an “I CAUGHT YOU BEING GREAT” platform. Be ready to celebrate your staff at any given moment.

3.) Find an under-utilized space in the school and create a ZEN room for teachers to relax, reflect and recharge.

4.) Provide teachers with personal reflection journals and encourage them to write during their conference period.  You can never go wrong with expressing your concern for their overall well-being or providing them with an expressive outlet. If open, you maybe able to utilize the written expressions to drive the personal development of your staff.  (given their willingness to share…KEEY POINT)

5.)Be the ENERGY CATALYST or MAGNET that models an attitude of success.

And trust me… while every professional will be excited for summer vacation—you may actually have more teachers lingering to help plan the start of the following school year.  ENERGY IS CONTAGIOUS!!


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