My Mommy Battle Cry

With just over two full months into the school year… I am exhausted, quiet frankly!  As a wife, mother, career professional and budding business owner—life is hectic most of the time.  The start of this 7th grade year for #TeamHayes has been a worldwind for me and a very valuable teaching tool for my son.

During meet the teacher night,  many of his teachers confirmed that this year would indeed be the first year of INTENSE AP CLASSES—and they were right.  Not to mention, we were all balancing his involvement in middle school football (later post).  Those early mornings turned late evenings with increased academic responsibility matched up quiet forcefully against #teamhayes and Mama Hayes was feeling it.

Even with all my years of teaching and experience as an educator I was feeling overwhelmed— frustrated with my son’s early performance and choices and helpless all at the same time.  I was scattered, felt out of order and even questioned my ability to actually ensure Z’s success as I do daily for children across the country. #mamamoment

Two of his teachers actually reminded me that HE WAS A BOY (thanks for that..)…HE”S GOING TO BE OKAY— #shewasnothearingit #hardhead.  The stress of not settling is a beast…

I FOUGHT… WE FOUGHT…and WE PUSHED.  It’s a message that we forget to live by sometimes.  This was a season where intentional WORK was imperative.  We as a TEAM had to kick everything up a notch to see the results we desired in the classroom.  It’s a lesson that we teach our kids but forget to remember as parents.  It’s not about adding more to an already overloaded plate, but it’s about being systematic about doing what is most important.

So, I engaged more fully.  I held my son more accountable…which required more of me and my husband.  It’s what we have to do as parents.  As a result, Z experienced a hell of a semester close.  Our going over notes nightly, working on time management and focus has really helped.  He closed the nine weeks on the A/B honor roll with nothing less than an 85 in all advanced classes.  In the process, his conversations changed— and though I am sure we’ll have many more adjustment periods I SAW A BREAKTHROUGH!

The lesson…even during the toughest of times…PARENTS we have to ENGAGE.  Pity parties will never prepare us for real life but as MULTI-TASKERS we figure it out.  More importantly—no matter their age—our KIDS NEED US… WE HAVE TO BE READY.


I am committing to 21 days of Early Rising (4:30 am )to spend time with me, meditate on my scriptures, and plan my day.  My goal is to increase clarity and peace…decluttered my mind, trust the process of life and follow my faith navigation.   Stress only intensifies the pressure when we need to be most calm.  So, I leave you with these few nuggets…


  • You are not in this alone— Many 7th graders (replace with the grade(s) that apply to you) across the universe goes through an adjustment period. IT’S NOT JUST YOUR CHILD.  Your TEAM IS NOT FAILING BECAUSE YOU ARE CURSED…it’s life! Now how you respond is a different story.
  • No matter how old our kiddos get when you engage in some capacity— the likelihood of success increases. The job is tough but your kid needs you to be engaged.  Of all the very technical skills I have learned as a professional… the one that pulled TEAM HAYES through was simply engaging.  Ask one million questions…not because you feel like it but because everything and everyone deserves to achieve.
  • Commit to some alone time to find your peace— Mom’s/Caretakers are KEEY to the flow of life in our households and when Mama breaks the entire infrastructure becomes shaky. Join me this month by being intentional about decluttering our lives, reducing our stress and finding peace in anything that comes our way.
  • Special one for my mom’s who happen to be  teachers— Remember that your career choice does not exempt you from the challenges of motherhood.  Fall back on the expertise of your child’s teachers.  We are human and vulnerable when it comes to our kids, so take off the professional hat sometimes and simply BE A PARENT!
  • MY BATTLE CRY IS NOT YOURS— What works for me, may not work for you.  We have to spend time figuring out what works for our lives.





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