ROCK WITH PURPOSE: Fountain Of Praise Rock Youth Services College Prep Program

wykesha-headshot-150x150It was a pleasure having an opportunity to speak to middle and high school students at the Fountain of Praise ROCK YOUTH Services.  The topic focused on College Prep and Purpose, which gave me an opportunity to intersect my Faith Principles with the process of College Preparation.  This is literally my happy place!

This clip offers that spark plug and fire that provides a unique connection between myself and teen audiences.  However, these presentations are about equipping teens with the tools needed to be successful.  I offer audiences step by step strategies that will take their goals from thoughts to realities.  In doing that, I’ve found it increasingly helpful to ignite a fire under their buns to PUSH THEM TOWARD THEIR PURPOSE.

Here’s a small clip of my presentation….

S/N:  I’m sensitive about my novice editing skills, but I wanted to post a quick snippet of the sessions.   I’m a work in progress…lol!




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