Why Wykesha?
Wykesha Hayes (W.C. Hayes), keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and ENTERTAINER has an innate passion for teaching and a charismatic approach to motivating her clients and audiences. Her programs will leave you deeply inspired, creatively motivated and unequivocally prepared to inflict social change. Get ready to be challenged, charged and entertained!
Wykesha has mastered the art of transparency and has used that skill to reach today’s youth, their parents and educators in an unprecedented fashion. She studies urban and pop cultural trends and develops innovative solutions that empower people and organizational structures to succeed.
Her goal is to help her audiences navigate the challenges of communication gaps, educational achievement gaps, family structures, community dynamics and social injustices to fulfill the common goal of “change”.
Wykesha has worked with the National Girls Scouts of America, BLACKE Student Summit, many school districts and community organizations by leveraging her knowledge and skills to create successful programs.
Wykesha teaches audiences how to overcome obstacles, identify their personal and group brands, and cultivate strategic plans to live out their greatest potential.