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  • 30-90 minute Keynote Addresses
  • 1-2 Hour Workshops
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Leadership & Success Development

The transition is on the brink of happening and preparation is crucial.  Success comes to those who are prepared, equipped and positioned to achieve it.  So now is the time to ensure that your middle school, high school and college freshman are ready to cultivate insurmountable levels of success.

Participants will be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to prepare them to navigate life and school.  They will learn:

*Psychological tools to Building Courage, Tenacity and Confidence

*Exploring the 3 Crucial Steps to Success

*Discover that Mental Mindset Matters

Personal “Brand U” Development

If you don’t know WHO you are, you give others permission to DEFINE you.  Join us on this road toward self-discovery and learn how to effectively articulate your “BRAND U” message to the world.  This highly charged, extremely though provoking presentation is  based on the highly acclaimed 4 day POWER UP INSTITUTE created by Wykesha C. Hayes.  Participants will:

participants will:

*Learn how to formulate your BRAND by exploring your TALENTS, PASSION and PURPOSE

*Discover how to articulate your “BRAND U” Message

*How to use your “BRAND U” message to develop stellar proposals, application packets, and entrepreneurship and intern                      opportunities

*Discover how your “Brand U” message lives and dies through social media

Winning at all Cost: Facing Your Challenges and Destroying Your Fears

As much as “we” would like to protect our youth from challenges…”WE” can’t. With the advent of social media, rough economic times and increasing peer pressures challenges are inevitable.  This presentation offers participants a message of hope, empowerment, and KEY strategies to overcoming even life’s toughest obstacles. Wykesha leverages her personal childhood struggles,  her personal professional failures and greatest insecurities to illustrate the the POWER of tenacity and a sheer desire to WIN.  Be ready to:

* Develop confidence and coping strategies

*Creat a challenge proof mindsets

*Reframe your problems and cultivate a powerful presence

*Overcome stereotypes, rumors and negative perceptions

Embracing Diversity and Preparing for the Global Stage

Remember the innocence of our childhood, when differences were appreciated and imaginary friendships came in all shapes and colors?  This highly charged presentation challenges participants to take back their innocence and tackle their deepest biases.

Participants will:

*Explore psychological impact of “conscious” and “unconscious” biases

*Engage in diversity and acceptance challenges

*Examine their personal biases, prejudices and perceptions

*Understand the Power of Global Diversity

**Faculty/Staff/Educators/Youth Professionals

Challenging Our Perceptions: Developing Cultural Competence

History has proven that educating ALL youth at an EXCEPTIONAL level at ALL times is a difficult task.  This presentation charges educators, staff members, youth professionals and even corporate professionals with a heart for building better communities to challenge their personal perceptions.

Building cultural competence should be an uncompromising approach to creating an environment and community for our youth to excel.  This program will charge participants to:

*Explore culturally deficit paradigms

*Understand implications of positive cultural consideration

*Examine common and uncommon cultures

*Explore psychological impact of “conscious” and “unconscious” biases

*Engage in diversity and acceptance challenges

*Examine their personal biases, prejudices and perceptions


Specialized Keynotes

Domestic Violence Keynote (From the Eyes of my Inner Child)

Urban Society: Facing the Challenges of Education, Economic and Health Disparities


Programs specifically designed to meet your needs :

Entrepreneurship for youth, young adults and women

Goal and vision setting

Community Investment and Advocacy

Combating Communication Hurdles