Stand For Change

The old cliche says, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. Some Washington teachers have clearly opted to stand for themselves and students attending a middle school in Washington. They’ve taken action by going on strike and not falling for overcrowded classrooms anymore. Although District Administrators contend that the schoosl aren’t as crowded as the teachers insist, one parent suggest she has to wait weeks before meeting with her childs teacher beacuse of the number of students in the classes. The teachers have complained that they don’t have enough desk to accomodate classes of more than 30 students in some cases. I admire the stand that these teachers have taken and believe strongly that if as educators and parents we begin to say circumstances are unacceptable things will begin to change. Many of our schools are underfunded, overcrowded and have failed our students because of failed policies. As stakeholders, we owe it to our students to address these issues even if it calls for severe action. If we tolerate deficit behaviors we soon begin to model those behaviors. More importantly, students are more apt to appreciate those that stand for them, thus impacting their willingness to apply themselves to performing better academically. I agree wholeheartedly with the message that these teachers are sending out. If you want us to prepare students for success, educational leaders must ensure a learning environment conducive to successful learning.


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