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There is an old saying that goes…”you plan to fail if you fail to plan” and as true as this maybe there lies an extraordinarily important element that is missing- IMPLEMENTATION. The question then becomes, what happens following the development of your plan or strategy? Is failing still a reasonable option now that you and your friends or colleagues have developed a perfectly planned strategy?

The sometimes brutal but simple answer to this question is YES. Whether I am consulting with a large client, developing curriculum or working with a school age student…developing the plan, idea or strategy is but a small token of the journey. What happens after requires focused attention and will power.

Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist of Canva, confirms that “A good idea is about 10 percent and implementation and hard work and luck is 90 percent”. I cannot tell you how true this is, though I am personally not too keen on the luck part… but I get it. As a professional and budding entrepreneur the days and hours spent cultivating a ground breaking idea or innovative strategy is only as good as the process of implementation.

Just think, you’ve spent months working on the development of a major social initiative but until you can successfully follow through with proper implementation…the world will never benefit from your great ideas. With this being said, it is necessary that we begin to develop these skills within our classrooms and during professional development opportunities.

It goes beyond the initial dream and even one’s ability to communicate sound strategies in writing. There is no quick fix to guarantee exceptional functioning except through the trial and error phase of implementation.
Truth is… extraordinary leaders, CEO’s and successful students are relentless in their journey toward success…they create, they strategize and they follow through with effective implementation.

How many sitting dreamers do you know? How many companies are stagnant in their mission because the implementation process is botched? How many students are failing because curriculum implementation is subpar? Lots I’m sure.

It has taken many years as a business owner to understand that the power of my story lies in my ability to implement the amazing plans that I’ve envisioned, most of which are all attached to cultivating a society that thrives off education and social change. So be efficient in your implementation processes and watch how impactful your planned strategy becomes.

Turn your Strategies into an Exceptional Implementation Process by answering the following:
1.) Do you have the right people in place?
2.) Has the plan or strategy been communicated clearly and pointedly to every involved stakeholder or team member?
3.) Are the resources and skills needed to achieve the end result accounted for?
4.) How will success be measured?
5.) Have you created a culture of confidence?
6.) NOW MOVE…Implement…Evaluate and Implement again




wykesha headshot Wykesha Hayes is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for social-entrepreneurship and education. She is a certified educator, speaker, CEO of the Keey Group, LLC and founder of Keey 4 Kommunities, inc. She is sought after to ignite transformation and exceptional functioning by providing consulting services, workshops, trainings, and curriculum design. Follow Wykesha on twitter, facebook or linkedin.




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