Students WIN with New Education Bill

I’m certain there will be those who will highly disagree with the new bills signed into law yesterday by Texas Gov. Rick Perry.  I am, however, beyond thrilled that if implemented correctly (because implementation and strategic planning is crucial) thousands of students will have an opportunity to achieve a level of success not so dependent upon assessments.  Though assessments are not completely eradicated (and I don’t think they should be) I am excited to know that House Bill 5 will slice the number of end of course state exams from 15 to 5.  Testing is one thing, but overload is a completely different story.


25 Year old is Ashley Ealasia is a successful stylist who finished high school with her license as a result of a vocational program. She supports increased vocational opportunities for high school students with non-traditional post high school aspirations .

The other intriguing part of this bill focuses on increased vocational options.  This is certainly a step in the right direction given the number of students who are discouraged and unmotivated by the one size fits all graduation tracks that our educational systems are most known for.

Let me start by saying,  a stylist friend of mine graduated from high school with her cosmetology license.  At 25 years old, Ashley Ealasia has managed to build a solid career and is making an impressive name for herself throughout the Houston area.  With both of her parents deceased, the independence she maintains is strictly because she was able to take advantage of a vocational program while in high school.  Her non-traditional journey has paid dividends not just for herself but the diverse clientele she serves.

Though college is not for everyone, Ashley is now a student at the University of Houston (GOOOO COOGS), pursuing a degree in Business.  Her actions are by choice not necessity.

In her words, ” I always knew I didn’t want to work a regular 9-5, I am so grateful that I got my license when I did.”  In regards to graduating from the University of Houston, Ashley confirms, “I’m in no rush, I can take my time because I have a career.”   Now, more mature, financially stable and driven, Ashley is able to focus on her ultimate goal of owning salons across the country and will rely on the skills learned in her day to day role as a stylist, as well as those learned in the classroom while completing her degree.

Though the journey is different for everyone, as it should be, the ultimate goal for  our schools should be to produce productive citizens.  The newly signed House Bill 5 will give students the opportunity to choose from 1 of 4 endorsed tracks specializing in career readiness to college prep.  More importantly, many educational pundits agree that students will be better equipped to be  productive and successful citizens.

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