Turning Mistakes into Milestones!

I’m certain, those of you traveling through life on a mission to fulfill your passion can relate to feelings that usually accompany mistakes. Overcoming wrong turns, or unproductive decisions are apart of the journey. Things happen!! In this written Keey Minute, I want to remind you that your mistakes, do not have to the define your entire journey. When you learn to value your mistakes, you learn to use these mistakes as stepping stones toward the next chapter in your life. Instead of drowning in self-doubting misery, journal the mishap and recognize that this is actually a turning point or milestone in your life. It’s a milestone that you will be able to share with others as a testimony, so embrace it, move forward and get excited about the new milestones that await you.
As always, until next time or until we meet for the first time, I hope you’re getting your KEEY to a better you, because the world is waiting on you. So LET’S GET IT YA’LL!

Hugs & Kisses


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